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News and Shouts 2014


16th December 2014
american yacht Enlarge Press Release
Volunteers at Kilmore Quay RNLI were called upon to go to the aid of an American yacht with 3 people on board which was experiencing difficult conditions during the early hours of Wednesday morning. The 42 foot yacht which was on passage from Falmouth in the UK to Crosshaven in Cork had 3 people on board. Having encountered some damage to their rigging, being forced to alter course and run before the South-West wind that was blowing at a force six. The yacht was 12 miles to the South of Kilmore Quay at 11pm when it put in a call to the Coast Guard for help. Kilmore Quay’s all-weather lifeboat Killarney left the harbour at 11:15pm and was alongside the yacht at ten to midnight. A tow rope was passed to the yacht and its was towed back to the marina at Kilmore Quay arriving in at 2:30am.
1st December 2014
small trawler Enlarge
The volunteer crew were paged at 9:55am when an 8 meter fishing boat with one person on board fouled its propeller a mile West of Carnsore point,while on passage. The lifeboat was alongside a short time later and a tow line was passed. The passage back to Kilmore Quay took an hour to complete in calm weather conditions.
21st September 2014
trawler Enlarge
The volunteer crew were out on a Sunday morning exercise when they a call to go to the assistance of a dive boat with 7 people on board whose engine had failed. The lifeboat towed the boat back to Slade Harbour near Hook Head. When they got up to Slade the tide was low, so the lifeboat's Y-boat was launched and took over the tow to get the dive boat into the Harbour. When the dive boat was secure alongside the lifeboat returned to Kilmore Quay.
7th September 2014
A Small open boat with 3 people on board was doing a bit of fishing off Forlorn point, A member of the public deemed that the boat was in some kind of trouble and called 999. The Coast Guard requested that the lifeboat launch at 7:03pm, when the lifeboat arrived alongside the open boat all was well and the lifeboat returned to station.
3rd September 2014
trawler Enlarge
The volunteer crew were called at 6:09pm, when a 4 meter leisure craft with 2 people on board suffered engine trouble while out for an evening's fishing in the vicinity of the Coningmore rock. The vessel was towed back to K.Q.
2nd August 2014
A yacht with 2 people on board required the aid of the lifeboat and her crew when the 9 meter yacht's engine failed 3 miles to the West of the station. The lifeboat towed the stricken yacht back to Kilmore Quay.
31st July 2014
Time:7:25pm. A yacht with 2 people on board arrived off St Patrick's Bridge and required some assistance to make it into the harbour. The volunteer crew helped the 9 meter yacht to berth at the marina.
27th July 2014
small boat Enlarge
A 6 meter leisure boat with 3 people on board encountered engine problems while on a fishing trip. The volunteer lifeboat crew were summoned at 5:48 pm to go to the aid of this boat that was half-a-mile to the West of the Coningmore Rocks. The lifeboat towed the boat to the slipway at Kilmore Quay.
23rd July 2014
9 meter yacht Enlarge
A 9 meter yacht with 3 people on board fouled it's propeller on lobster pots in calm conditions while passing to the South of the Saltees. The lifeboat was called to render assistance to the yacht at 12:01 pm and was alongside 20 minutes later, the yacht was then freed using a grappling hook and a sharp knife. The yacht was then towed back to Kilmore Quay marina.
22th July 2014
A small leisure boat with 4 people on board left Kilmore Quay shortly after daylight for a day's fishing. During the morning a dense sea fog had developed. The shore contact for the boat could't make contact with them via mobile phone, became concerned and contacted the Coast Guard. The lifeboat launched at 11:24am into calm, but foggy conditions to search for the boat assisted by local fishing vessels. The absence of a VHF radio on board the leisure craft prolonged the search as the lifeboat could not use its direction finding equipment to home in on the VHF radio signal from the missing boat. After an hour or so contact as made by mobile phone as the boat drifted out of a blind spot, all were ok on board but they could tell where they were due to the fog. The search continued for another 2 hours before they were found and followed the lifeboat ashore.
20th July 2014
The volunteer lifeboat crew launched at 2:37pm, a small leisure boat with 2 people on board had suffered engine failure in the sound, between the Saltee islands. The lifeboat was alongside a short time and passed a tow rope and pulled the leisure craft back to Kilmore Quay.
6th July 2014
Time: 8:49am. A 16 foot punt with one person on board was having trouble with his outboards just to the North-West of Forlorn point. After trying on a number of occasions he could not get either outboard to started and put in a call for help. While the lifeboat crew were assembling one of the outboards was started and the lifeboat crew stood by until the punt made it back to the harbour.
30th June 2014
Time: 7:21pm. A ten meter yacht with 1 person on board requested the assistance of the lifeboat when the yachts propeller came fouled as it approached St Patrick's bridge. When the lifeboat arrived the yacht was freed and escorted into Kilmore Quay Marina.
26th June 2014
potter Enlarge
A local boat with two people on board had fouled its propeller while fishing two miles to the South of the Saltee Islands. The lifeboat crew were paged at 9:13am and went to assist and towed the boat back to the harbour.
24th June 2014
The volunteer crew were alerted at 4:15pm to the plight of a 12 meter yacht with four people on board in a position 8 miles to the South of Kilmore Quay in calm conditions. The crew had rundown the batteries on board trying to start the engine, with no wind to propel the vessel and no lights to make her presents know to others, in the interest of safety the best thing to do was to tow the yacht into the marina at Kilmore Quay.
16th June 2014
ballons Enlarge
Kilmore Quay lifeboat launched at 3:34pm, after a report from a member of the public who was on the Burrow beach reported what appeared to be a kite surfer blowing offshore in the fresh North-East breeze. The lifeboat and Rescue 117 were on scene a short time later, while the lifeboat headed to the position where the object was last seen the helicopter started a search of the area. With nothing found the search area was expanded down wind, a short time later Rescue 117 spotted an object in the water that matched the description the initially item. The lifeboat proceeded to the location and recovered a number of large balloons. The search was stood down a short time later.
5th June 2014
trevor Enlarge nigel Enlarge nigel Enlarge
Long service awards for Kilmore Quay volunteer lifeboat crew. During a recent visit to the lifeboat station by Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) Inspectors, a number of our crew received awards for long service to the RNLI at Kilmore Quay. Mr Trevor Devereux and Mr Nigel Kehoe were presented with Gold Badges by Mr Ronan Boyle to mark their twenty years as volunteer crew with the lifeboat. Station mechanic Mr Brian Kehoe (snr) was presented with a framed letter from the institution in recognition of his twenty years of dedicated service as station mechanic at Kilmore Quay.
31st May 2014 X 2
24 meter trawler Enlarge
The volunteer lifeboat crew were called upon at 6:29 am to go to the assistance of a yacht with 3 people aboard which was having a fuel problem six miles South of the Saltee Islands in calm conditions. The lifeboat crew passed a tow rope and towed the yacht back to Kilmore Quay. Later that day at 2:14 pm the crew were alerted again, a small boat with 2 people on board had fouled its propeller on a lobster marker while out on a day cruise. The crew freed the boat from the marker and towed it back to Kilmore Quay.
30th May 2014
A 28 foot fishing boat with 2 people on board call for the assistance of the lifeboat at 9:29 am. The fishing boat had fouled its propeller while hauling fishing gear 2 miles to the Southeast of the Little Saltee island in good conditions. The lifeboat towed the boat back to Kilmore Quay.
4th May 2014
The volunteer crew were alerted at 4:33pm, a member of a bird watchers group discovered human remains on the Great Saltee Island. The lifeboat crew removed them back to Kilmore Quay where they were handed over to the Gardai. The remains were that of local missing fisherman Paddy Barry who went overboard from his boat last November. May he rest in peace.
1st May 2014
We have a new Lifeboat Operations Manager (L.O.M) at the lifeboat station, Joe Maddock has took over the role from Sean Radford as from the 1st of May. Sean has taken up the role of Deputy Launching Authority (D.L.A).
24th February 2014
kids from 3rd class piercestown Enlarge kids from 3rd class piercestown Enlarge
3rd class from Piercestown National School called to our station as part of their day trip, they were shown around the lifeboat station and watched a few videos of some of the work that the RNLI do around the coast, followed by some questions which we were glad to answer. They also had a tour of the Tamar class lifeboat Killarney. Before they left the children made a donation to the RNLI that will help to save lives at sea, Thank you for your visit and donation.
24th February 2014
24 meter trawler Enlarge
Kilmore Quay RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew were alerted at 11:15 pm that a 24 meter trawler with a crew of 4 had fouled her propeller while on her way back to Kilmore Quay from the fishing grounds. The trawler picked up debris when she was three miles East of the harbour and two miles from the shore, the weather at the time was Southerly force five to seven with a swell from the South also. When the lifeboat arrived on scene, the tow rope was passed by heaving line and the lifeboat crew began the passage back. It took just over an hour to get back to the breakwater and another 20 minutes to shorten up the tow and put the trawler alongside the quay wall. The lifeboat was back in her berth and the volunteer crew were heading for home a little after 2 am.
22nd February 2014
fethard lifeboat commemoration Enlarge fethard lifeboat commemoration Enlarge
Kilmore Quay lifeboat crew joined with the crews from Rosslare Harbour, Dunmore East and Fethard lifeboat in a commemoration and wreath ceremony in memory of the crew of the Fethard Lifeboat Helen Blake, nine of whom lost their lives while attempting to rescue the crew of the Norwegian schooner Mexico which had gone aground on the Keeragh Islands on the 20th of February 1914. One hundred years ago.
2nd February 2014
18 meter trawler Enlarge
The crew were just finished washing down the lifeboat after a Sunday exercise when they were contacted by the Marine Rescue Co-ordination Centre, an 18 meter trawler with 4 people on board had lost power 2 miles to the South-East of Hook Head in a fresh westerly wind with good visibility. The lifeboat was underway immediately and was alongside the trawler a short time later and took her undertow towards Dunmore East and later handed over the tow to the Dunmore East lifeboat who were also out on exercise. The trawler was towed safely into Dunmore East.
31st January 2014
rony piked up two fishermen from life raft Enlarge
The volunteer crew was requested to launch their all-weather lifeboat, shortly after 4pm today following a Mayday report that a small fishing vessel with two people on board, was talking on water while fishing to the South West of the Saltee Islands. Weather conditions at the time were overcast with an Easterly force three wind blowing. The two casualties managed to evacuate the sinking boat into a life raft before being rescued by another vessel which was in the area at the time. They were then transferred to the lifeboat and brought back to Kilmore Quay safe and well.
14th January 2014
trawler with engine trouble Enlarge
Crew pagers blipped at 2:10 pm, a 24 meter scalloper with 4 people on board had developed engine trouble while fishing in the vicinity of the Conningbeg rock. Conditions at the time were overcast with mist, drizzle and poor visibility in a fresh Southwest wind, some 15 minutes later as the lifeboat was closing on the vessel the crew of scalloper managed to get the main engine going again and decided to head back to Kilmore Quay escorted by the lifeboat. Both boats arrived back in the harbour at 3:40 pm.
9th January 2014
trawler aground Enlarge
The volunteer crew were paged at 12:30 when a 24 meter fishing boat with 4 crew on board developed engine trouble and the main engine stopped a half a mile to the south of the harbour while on its way out to fish. With an East going tide the boat drifted down on to a reef called St Patricks Bridge where it went aground. Conditions at the time were good with a moderate swell from the South. The charity's lifeboat was alongside the boat seven minutes later, passed a tow rope and took up the strain. With a falling tide it took 10 minutes of steady pulling and the aid of the swell to free the boat, once free the boat was towed back into the harbour and put alongside.

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