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News and Shouts 2015


28th December 2015
The volunteer crew were paged at 3:21pm, a number of people were in difficulty at one of the beaches to the East of Kilmore Quay. A member of the group had contacted the Coast Guard for assistance, while the crew were preparing the Coast Guard cancelled the launch at 3:26pm as the people were now back ashore and no longer in danger.
12th December 2015
towing 24meter beamer with steering problems Enlarge
The volunteer crew were requested to rendezvous a 24 meter trawler with 4 people on board that was returning from the fishing grounds with a steering problem. They would need help with the final part of the journey, getting into the harbour. The lifeboat meets the trawler a mile to the North of the Great Saltee Island and passed a tow rope over and towed the trawler into the harbour.
3rd December 2015
standing  by beamer Enlarge
The lifeboat crew were informed that a beam trawler with 3 people on board was on its way back to Kilmore Quay with a fouled propeller with was causing heavy vibration. The trawler’s skipper requested that the lifeboat come and stand by in case the vessel main engine stopped as they approached the harbour. the lifeboat rendezvous with the trawler a mile to the North of the Great Saltees Island.
2nd December 2015
trawler aground Enlarge
The volunteer crew were paged at 9:27pm when a 24 meter stern trawler with 4 people on board went aground on sand when departing the harbour, the lifeboat crew passed a tow rope to the vessel and kept a constant pull on the vessel. After twenty minutes of pulling the trawler became free and was towed into deeper water and the tow was released and the lifeboat returned to her berth.
November 2015
smith & horan families Enlarge
Martha Smith accompanied by her family came to Kilmore Quay Lifeboat Station to visit the crew and to make a donation to the RNLI in Memory of her late husband Francis Smith. Francis lost his life in a boating incident off the Saltees Island back in August of this year. We thank the Smith & Horan families for their donations. Det illis strength.
18th October 2015
small open boat Enlarge
The yacht Shamrock was out for a Sunday afternoon sail, when to the Northwest of the Great Saltee Island the crew of Shamrock came across a small open boat with 3 people on board whose outboard had stopped. All 3 people on board were wearing lifejackets. The yacht took the boat in tow and made for Kilmore Quay. The Coast Guard alerted Kilmore Quay lifeboat at 4:33pm and the volunteer crew were underway 5 minutes later and when they arrived on scene they took over the tow and returned to the Harbour an hour later.
3rd October 2015
boat run ashore Enlarge
On discovering the his boat was taking the single occupant ran his boat ashore on the South side of the Great Saltee Island and managed to attract the attention of a passing boat who brought him back to shore at Kilmore Quay. Once ashore he request the help of the Lifeboat crew to see if his boat could be removed from the back of the island. Once on scene the lifeboat launched the Y-boat and assessed the damage to the boat and what had caused in to flood. A burst pipe had caused the ingress of water and turning off the seacock stopped it, the hull was intact with damage to the propeller. So the boat was re-floated and towed back to Kilmore Quay and secured alongside.
2nd October 2015
trawler with fouled propeller Enlarge
A 20 meter trawler which had fouled her propeller in floating debris had been towed from the fishing ground to the Harbour approaches. The lifeboat was requested at 6:38pm to take over the tow and bring the trawler into the harbour which was completed an hour later.
1st October 2015
Yacht hits rock Enlarge
The pagers sounded at 2:40pm after an 8 meter yacht with two people and a dog on board struck a rock while sailing close to the Great Saltee Island, the lifeboat was alongside the yacht within ten minutes. Although the yacht had taken a heavy list on impact with the rock it had suffered no damage and the crew were shaken from their experience. The lifeboat escorted them back to Kilmore Quay marina.
27th September 2015 X 2
two shouts while on exercise Enlarge two shouts while on exercise Enlarge
While the volunteer crew were out on their Sunday morning exercise they received a call for assistance from a local dive boat with seven people on board after their outboard broke down. The lifeboat picked dive boat in the Sound (the passage of water between the Saltee Islands) and towed them back to Kilmore Quay marina. While on the way into the harbour the lifeboat passed a yacht aground at the entrance, so after dropping the dive boat at the marina the lifeboat returned to the yacht aground at the mouth of the harbour and towed it into deeper water and it went on its way and the lifeboat returned to her berth.
7th September 2015
A small speedboat with three people on board phoned the lifeboat station at 5:27pm when their engine let them down half a mile off Forlorn point, luckily someone was about to take the call and get the launch underway. If your at sea and you need assistance it is best to call the Coast Guard on VHF radio using Channel 16, that way other boats in your vicinity will also learn of your difficulties and they will be able to offer help immediately. Relying on your mobile phone is not the best option, IF you have Coverage and can keep the phone dry the only person who will learn of your plight is the person you ring. If you decide to rely on your mobile phone as a means of calling for help you should call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.
30th August 2015
The Irish Coast Guard helicopter from Waterford was out looking for the upturned boat from last night shout, it was discovered 5 miles South East of Kilmore Quay at 2:24pm. The lifeboat crew were paged and requested to tow the upturned hull back to Kilmore Quay getting back in at 5:15pm.
29th August 2015
7 meter boat swamped Enlarge
Volunteers from Kilmore Quay RNLI rescued 10 people who were understood to have been in the water for up to five hours last night after their 18ft leisure boat overturned off the Saltee Islands in county Wexford. The alarm was raised with Kilmore Quay RNLI’s Coxswain at 11.15pm by a person known to the missing party after their overdue boat failed to return to shore. Concern grew for the group who had gone out for a day’s fishing when the boat hadn’t returned at sunset. The all-weather lifeboat was immediately launched at 11.30pm under Coxswain Eugene Kehoe and with five crew members onboard. The Saltee Islands passenger ferry, the An Crossan, crewed by three Kilmore Quay RNLI lifeboat members also joined in the search along with Fethard RNLI, Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 117 and Kilmore Quay Coast Guard unit. The lifeboat from Kilmore Quay was making its way into Ballyteigue bay initially but a report from Dunmore East Coast Guard boat who had been on exercise early that evening had made contact with the missing boat 1 mile Southwest of the Great Saltee Island at 5:30pm, the lifeboat headed out for the Coningmore Rocks area when they received a call from the An Crossan that they had spotted an upturned hull and 10 people in the water, half a mile south of the Great Saltee Islands. Weather conditions at the time were overcast and there was a force 2 South Westerly wind blowing. It was when the passenger ferry’s search light went out temporarily that its crew members heard shouting from the sea. It is thought the party all of whom were wearing lifejackets had been in the water for four to five hours. The boat is understood to have overturned in choppy water when a breaking wave stove in the windows in the wheelhouse and swamped the vessel. The crew of the An Crossan pulled all 10 people from the water and onto the ferry. One man who was in need of urgent medical attention was immediately transferred to the lifeboat which was alongside two minutes later. Lifeboat crew members administered casualty care before the Irish Coast Guard Rescue 117 arrived overhead. The casualty was then winched and airlifted to Waterford University Hospital. The nine other people were transferred to Kilmore Quay on the passenger ferry where they were then brought into the lifeboat station, medically assessed and made comfortable. On arrival of the ambulance service, they were then transferred to Wexford General Hospital. Sadly one member of the rescued 10 people lost his fight for life at Waterford University Hospital. Kilmore Quay RNLI Lifeboat Station wishes to extended our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased man. May he rest in peace.
18th August 2015
small fishing Enlarge
The volunteer crew were paged at 10 pm after a small scallop dredger broadcast a Mayday call saying that it was on fire, 3.5 miles South-southwest of the Great Saltee Island. The lifeboat was alongside the vessel 22 minutes later. A leaking hydraulic fitting was squirting hydraulic oil onto the hot exhaust pipe coming from the engine causing a lot of smoke which lead the crew to think their boat was on fire. The lifeboats Y-boat was used to transfer a crewman from the lifeboat to the fishing boat to assist with repairs. The lifeboat then passed a tow rope to the boat and began towing the boat towards Kilmore Quay. The tow to the harbour took an hour and by the time the harbour was reach the crew on board the fishing boat had carried out repairs enabling it to enter the harbour under her own power escorted by the lifeboat.
12th August 2015
small boat with 4 people on board Enlarge
Small boat with 4 people board encountered outboard motor failure while leisure fishing in the vicinity of St Patrick Bridge (a reef of stone that runs from the shore to the Little Saltee Island). The lifeboat was dispatched at 5:27pm and was alongside the causality 5 minutes later, two of people from the small boat were transferred to the lifeboat for the tow. The causality was back in the marina shortly after 6pm, all safe and well.
8th August 2015
10 meter fishing boat Enlarge
A 10 meter fishing boat with three people on board lost power to her steering while fishing close to the Coningbeg Rock in the early hours of Saturday. The volunteer crew were paged at 1:02am and the all weather lifeboat proceed to the vessel. Weather conditions were near calm. When the lifeboat arrived on scene the tow rope was passed to the fishing boat and tow back to Kilmore Quay got under way arriving back at the harbour around 3am. The trawler was put alongside and the lifeboat returned to her berth.
20th July 2015
A nine meter yacht with two people on were approaching the entrance to Kilmore Quay harbour when their engine stopped, they attempted to sail in but the wind and tide from the one direction proved to strong and they were being blush towards the shore, so they decided to drop anchor. Friends of the people aboard raised the alarm and the lifeboat crew were paged, two volunteer crew who were at the lifeboat station launched the Y- boat from the Tamar class lifeboat while the rest of the crew were assembling. Just as the Y-boat was approaching the yacht the crew aboard the yacht had managed to restart the engine and enter the harbour under their own power accompanied by the Y-boat
29th June 2015
sean radford awarded gold badge Enlarge
The RNLI held its Annual Presentation of Awards at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin on Saturday (27 June 2015) where the charity presented fifty-five awards to volunteers, groups and businesses from across the country. Three of those awards were made to Wexford volunteers. Guest of honour at the ceremony was Leesa Harwood, RNLI Director of Community Lifesaving and Fundraising.In her address to the guests Ms Harwood said that the awards were a ‘celebration of the difference that the volunteers and supporters had all made to the lives of others’. ‘Our charity made an extraordinary difference in 2014. I am very proud to tell you that last year, together, we saved 460 lives. Today we celebrate not just those whose lives we saved, but the people who made this incredible number possible. We celebrate remarkable fundraising feats and decades of lifesaving service given by volunteers. And we say thank you.’ Mr. Sean Radford Kilmore Quay Station Branch received a Gold Badge. Sean has been involved with Kilmore Quay lifeboat station since 1993. During that time he has served as Deputy Launching Authority and as Lifeboat Operations Manager until 2014 before returning to the role of Deputy Launching Authority. Sean continues to provide excellent service to Kilmore Quay lifeboat station and to support the current Lifeboat Operations Manager in all aspects of running this busy station. During his service Sean has overseen changes of class of boat from Mersey to Tyne and more recently the Tamar class lifeboat. He is a gentleman and is deserving of this honour. Sean’s award was collected on his behalf by his wife Lucy. photo credit: Pat Moore.
27th June 2015
24 meter trawler Enlarge
The volunteer lifeboat crew were paged at 2:49am by Dublin Coast Guard, a 24 meter fishing vessel with 4 people on board had picked up something it's propeller to the North of the Little Saltee Island. Another fishing boat on her way to Kilmore Quay had secured a line to hold position until the lifeboat arrived. Just as the lifeboat got on scene the Skipper reported that the propeller seemed to be free from the debris. The vessel made her way back to the harbour under her own power escorted by the lifeboat.
24th June 2015
school visit Enlarge
A group of children from Crossabeg National School paid a visit to the Lifeboat Station and had a tour of the Tamar Class Lifeboat "Killarney".
22nd June 2015
small boat Enlarge
A 10 meter yacht with 2 people on board sent out a PanPan call after in fouled its propeller on lobster pot lines while sailing just South of the Great Saltee island. Kilmore Quay lifeboat was requested to launch and provide assistance to the yacht. When the lifeboat arrived on scene it found the yacht had anchored and two of the lifeboat crew boarded the yachts dinghy and cut away the lobster line from around the yacht rudder where it had fouled. When it had cleared the lifeboat headed back to Kilmore Quay and the yacht made its own way the the marina at Kilmore Quay.
14th June 2015
open boat Enlarge
The lifeboat was summoned at 18:36 pm when a small open boat with 3 people on board transmitted a Mayday Call Saying that their engine had stopped close in to the Seven Heads at the South side of the Great Saltee Island. The Lifeboat was along side the boat within 15 minutes of the alert being raised. Although the open boat was carrying a small back up engine it could not make head way against the tide. The lifeboat crew secured a tow line and brought the boat back to Kilmore Quay.
13th June 2015
Yacht at anchor Enlarge
The volunteer lifeboat crew were requested at 12:01pm to investigate a yacht which was anchored of Carnesore Point for over 4 days. As the local fishing boats were passing and seeing no sign of life on board even after closer inspection and banging on the Hull, the Coast Guard were notified. The Coast Guard arranged for two members of An Garda Siochana (Irish Police Force) to accompany the lifeboat crew. On arrival at the catamaran all was found to be safe and well, they were waiting for the North East wind to change direction before heading up through the Irish Sea.
7th June 2015
small boat Enlarge
At 3:33pm the crew were paged by Dublin Coast Guard after they received a call from a.person on board a small open boat located in the Vicinity of St Patrick Bridge with engine trouble. As the lifeboat cleared the harbour, the boat with 3 people had made it closer to the harbour before the engine cut out for second time. The lifeboat crew passed a tow line and brought the boat to the slipway
5th June 2015
The volunteer crew were paged at 9:23pm to go to the assistance of a 10 meter yacht with two people on board. The yacht had made a passage from Milford Haven in Wales for Kilmore Quay in challenging conditions and was trying to lower her sails when one sail jammed, with both crew suffering from fatigue after a long day at sea they decided to call for help. The lifeboat transferred two crew to the yacht who managed to free and lower the sail as the lifeboat towed them towards the Harbour. On reaching the harbour the tow was slipped and the yacht was moored alongside the marina by the lifeboat crew with the help of the yachts crew. All done and dusted by 11:00pm.
18th May 2015
racing yacht Enlarge
At 7:02pm today, a single handed sailor who was taking part in a race from France to the Saltee Islands and back to France arrived off Kilmore Quay. Having suffered a broken rudder was forced to make for port to have it repaired, the lifeboat was reqiured to assist with getting the 9 meter yacht into the Harbour.As the yacht had drifted down over St Patrick Bridge the Y-boat was dispatched to tow the yacht back to the West of the Bridge and on into the Harbour.
11th April 2015
small boat Enlarge
The volunteer lifeboat crew were alerted to the circumstance of three people in a small boat drifting towards St Patricks Bridge by a member of the public at 7:58 pm. The lifeboat crew proceed to the aid of the boat and when clear of the harbour launched the Y-boat from the lifeboat and headed into the shallow water where the stricken boat had drifted, the Y-boat towed the boat with the people on board back to the safety of the harbour escorted the all-weather lifeboat.
7th January 2015
The first shout of 2015 came at 6:07 today, a 33 meter fishing vessel had grounded at the mouth of the harbour for a short period. While the lifeboat crew were assembling the trawler had floated free and entered the harbour under her own power and the lifeboat was stood down.

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