An RNLI lifeboat on the south-east coast of Ireland. Established 1847.

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The pictures below were taken by varies people from the station, local community and beyond. Thank you to all concerned. Please send us any pics that you may have of the Kilmore Quay lifeboat, send to sudmit an image
a fresh day in november

On a fresh day in November.

[photo: Rosslare LB.] Enlarge

rosslare harbour lifeboat

Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat.

[photo: Aidan Bates] Enlarge

fethard lifeboat

Fethard Inshore Lifeboat.

[photo: A Bates] Enlarge

punching through.


[photo: RNLI/Nigel Millard.] Enlarge

snow in november

And then it snowed.

[photo: Teresa Hinchy.] Enlarge

this guy helps make it happen.

This guy helps make it happen.

[photo: Colin Whitnall.] Enlarge

down in the trough

Down in the trough.

[photo: RNLI Rosslare.] Enlarge

punching through 2

her way

[photo: RNLI/Nigel Millard] Enlarge

y boat returning to mother

Y-boat returning to Mother.

[photo: Eugene Kehoe.] Enlarge

rnlb killarney in marina

A still night.

[photo: Scubavinnie. ] Enlarge

riding the crest of a wave

Riding the crest.

[photo:RNLI Rosslare.] Enlarge

punching through 3


[photo: RNLI/Nigel Millard] Enlarge

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